Set Up Clearbit Enrichment Field Mapping for Salesforce

Last Updated: September 30, 2022

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Clearbit Data Enrichment offers real-time lookups of fresh data about your customers and prospects. It provides you with accurate and up-to-date data for your accounts, contacts, and leads. All you need to do is set up your field mapping to sync the correct data to Salesforce.

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Set Up Field Mapping

Field mappings allow you to decide which Clearbit attributes you’d like to save to which fields inside each of your objects in Salesforce. 

  1. Navigate to your  Data Sync tab.
  2. In the Clearbit Attributes section, you have three tabs to choose from, one for each of the record types that we enrich in Salesforce (i.e. Accounts, Contacts, and Leads).

    📝 Please note: If you want Clearbit data to be written to your Accounts, Leads, and Contacts, make sure Field Mapping is enabled for each object.

  3. Choose which of the fields you want to map from the appropriate drop-down menu. Then choose the Salesforce field you want to map to from the drop-down menu, as shown in this example:
  4. Set your Overwrite Settings within the Platform - you can make 2 choices to either toggle "overwrite = true" or "overwrite = off"

    📝 Please note: 
    Data Overwrite is toggled 'off', we'll overwrite if the field is blank, the field value is [[unknown]], or if the last value we entered was put there by us. I.e. we will not overwrite if a rep manually edited the data.
    the Data Overwrite toggle is 'on', then Clearbit will always overwrite the field with the latest data, no matter what was previously in the field.

    When mapping to a boolean type field like a checkbox, best practice would be to enable  'overwrite settings', or set to 'overwrite'. This is because boolean fields don't have a null/blank property and instead resolve to FALSE or TRUE.

  5. Click the Save Settings button to update and save your field mapping settings.

Create New Field Mapping or Mapping Group 

  1. Create a new field mapping by clicking the Add Mapping or Add Mapping Group button at the bottom.

    💡 Clearbit Tip: A Mapping Group acts as a single entity during enrichment in order to prevent instances of mismatched or blank data in Salesforce. This is most commonly used to map company address data like Street, State, Postal Code and Country.

  2. In the left field enter the name of the Clearbit attribute you would like to map.
  3. In the right field, select a Destination. This is the field that will receive the specified Clearbit data when enrichment occurs. The available destination fields will be filtered down to fields of the same field type. For example, you can’t map a text field to a numeric field.
  4. Click the Save Settings button to update and save your field mapping settings.

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