Legacy: What Counts as an API Request?

Last Updated: December 21, 2022

🔍 Please note: this article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

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Enrichment API

One API call is used per request made, meaning when an email address or website domain is queried against any of the Enrichment API endpoints. A personal email, a corporate email, or a website domain lookup would all count equivalently as one API request. API requests can be by way of direct access (ex. cURL command), your own application, or via a prebuilt integration (ex. Salesforce or Marketo).

Clearbit only counts requests which return the following status codes:

  • 200 - The request was successful
  • 201 - The resource was successfully created
  • 202 - The resource was asynchronously created
  • 404 - The resource was not found

You can see what other error codes translate to here. In addition, only unique requests are counted each billing period. For example, if 'alex@clearbit.com' were queried two days in a row, it would still only count as a single API request.

For Enrichment API details, visit our docs page.  

Reveal API

Unlike our Enrichment APIs, Reveal credit allotment is counted based on monthly unique visitors (MUVs), rather than API requests. A monthly unique visitor is each unique IP address we detect. If we see that the same IP address visits your site several times during one 30 day period, we will only count it against your quota one time.

The response types we return are:

  • 200 - The request was successful 
  • 404 - The resource was not found
  • 422 - Invalid parameters

You can read more about the Reveal API on our docs page.