How Long do Tech Tags Stay in Clearbit's Database?

Last Updated: June 14, 2024

How long to tech tags stay in Clearbit's database? It depends. We refresh our database every 30 days, to have the most up-to-date information.

However depending on the situation, tags will sometimes appear even though they are no longer in use. Here are a couple of reasons for overlapping tech tags:

  1. The company switched tools and there is remanent code on a site that we're picking up. If the company doesn't remove all of the code on their site, even if they cancel their subscription, Clearbit will still pick up the tag on the website.
  2. The company is large and different subsets of the company use different tech. For an extreme example, consider Salesforce's acquisition of Tableau and Heroku. Heroku has historically used Looker for data visualization, and Looker is a competitor to Tableau. When looking at Salesforce's tech tags, we'll see both Looker and Tableau.
  3. The data we seeing is pointing us in the wrong way. We pull data from multiple private and public sources: hand-labeled data, machine learning, industry research, manual review, etc. It's possible one or many of our sources us are leading us astray. All of this said, although outliers inevitably arise, we pride ourself on consistently delivering accurate data.