How Do I Build a Report of Companies Visiting My Website in Google Analytics? [universal analytics]

Last Updated: May 23, 2022

Follow this guide to build a custom report in Google Analytics for detailed Reveal data analysis. It will take you three minutes to do this.

  1. Head to your Google Analytics account, and Under Customization, select Custom Reports.
  2. Click on + New Custom Report.
  3. Name the Title of your report.
    💡 Clearbit Tip: Since we're tracking the visitors that browse our homepage, we'll name the report "Homepage visitors" to stay organized.
  4. Give the Report Content a Name + choose Flat Table as the report type.
  5. Choose the dimensions you want in your report + add New Users and Users as metrics.
  6. Press Save to save the report you've just created.

That's it! Now that you've set up a custom report in Google Analytics, you'll be able to start using Reveal data from your dashboard + widgets for analysis. Clearbit's Reveal results are dependent on the volume of traffic from your site, so it's recommended to allow 2 weeks (from the time Reveal's fully set up in GA) for a more comprehensive overview of the data captured.