Legacy: What is the Reveal API?

Last Updated: December 21, 2023

🔍 Please note: this article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

Our Reveal API takes an IP address, and returns the company associated with that IP. By de-anonymizing traffic on your website, you can report analytics and customize landing pages for specific company verticals. While it's possible to use the Reveal API as is with the Clearbit for Developers package, we mostly utilize it to power our Clearbit Platform and numerous partner integrations. Below, you'll find links to how you can use Reveal for various use cases.

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Using Reveal for Live Chat

Our partner integrations (Drift and Intercom) allow you to identify and target your site visitors to only show live chat to qualified prospects. You can even personalize your messages based on over 40 Clearbit data points. Using this approach, customers have seen a 5x increase in engagement and 2x increase in conversion generated from chat!

📝 Please note: If you don’t use Drift or Intercom, you can still load Clearbit’s client-side javascript directly on your site and reference the javascript with other front-end applications. Alternatively, you can integrate natively with Segment and push Clearbit data into any supported Live Chat destination.

How It Works

Only show chat to qualified prospects

Let’s say your ideal customers are enterprise B2B SAAS companies. Clearbit will let you control whether the chat widget is shown or hidden, depending on the profile of the company visiting your website. You'd be able to hide it for mid-market consumer brands that don't meet your ICP.

Our Reveal API sends firmographic data to your chat provider, enabling you to configure the conditions under which your chat widget is displayed.


Customize the message

For those prospects that do fit your ideal customer profile, you can customize your message to each individual by using Clearbit data. Display a that mentions their company by name, or even explain how one of the products they use can integrate with your own.


Route the best leads

By knowing who your visitors are before they fill out a form, you can route chats to the appropriate sales person to start live conversations with only your best prospects. Imagine if your sales team was only asked to chat with high-value accounts or specific target accounts you’ve hand-picked as part of an ABM strategy.

Using Reveal for B2B Site Personalization

Clearbit Reveal automatically links anonymous traffic with a full company profile, and allows you to customize the content of your website for each specific visitor when integrated onto your site. The Reveal API can be integrated client-side or server-side - including natively with Personalization platforms such as Optimizely or Google Optimize.

đź“ť Please note: Clearbit Reveal does not identify the specific person visiting your site - only the company. Hence, this use case is most effective when deployed by B2B companies.

For example, if you sell into multiple industries, you can quickly create custom hero sections speaking to each of their specific needs.


đź’ˇ Clearbit Tip: While the sky is the limit and you can customize every bit of content on your site based on over 40 company attributes, we recommend that you focus on simple binary personalizations to quickly see an impact on your conversion. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Show targeted testimonials based on visitor’s company size
  • Show targeted whitepapers based on visitor’s industry
  • Show targeted product integrations based on visitor’s tech stack
  • Show customer logos for social proof based on visitor’s company size, industry, or business model
  • Customize site text with copy that resonates to visitor’s specific segment
  • Show special offers only if visitor is a qualified lead

Gain some Personalization inspiration with this Data Driven Marketing chapter! 

Using Reveal to Track and Report on Website Traffic 

Our Reveal API is what powers our Clearbit platform, as well as our Google Analytics integration. Both products help you understand who is visiting your site, which campaigns are driving the right kind of traffic, and which content attracts your ideal customer profile. The links below are organized around the two versions of Google Analytics, as well as Google Data Studio. Be sure to also check out our Blog for best practice recommendations! 

Google Analytics Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4

Google Data Studio