Last Updated: November 14, 2022

Disclaimer: The Logo API is offered as a free, legacy product and is unsupported at this time.

If you’re only interested in a Company’s logo, and don’t need any other data about the company, you can use our Logo API. Our documentation can be found here, and answers to frequently asked questions can be found below.

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Is the Logo API Free?

Yes. The Logo API is free with attribution. Access to the API is unauthenticated and doesn’t require a Clearbit account.

How Do I Provide Attribution?

To use the Logo API for commercial purposes, you'd need to provide attribution on pages where you return a logo. See details below:

  • 12 pt font or larger
  • Links to clearbit.com
  • Needs to be a follow link
  • Needs to be legible

Can I Purchase a Logo API Subscription?

Yes. If providing attribution doesn't work with your use case, you can purchase a Logo API subscription. Please reach out to our sales team here to learn more.

Do I Still Need to Provide Attribution if I Am a Clearbit Customer?

Attribution is required for all customers unless your subscription is specifically a Logo API plan.

Does Clearbit Get Permission from Corporates to Use Their Logos?

Our data comes from publicly accessible sources and are pursuant with their privacy policies and terms and conditions. 

How Can I Update My Company's Logo?

If you are technically inclined, directions for this process can be found in our documentation. If you'd rather have one of our Support Engineers make an update, please email us at support@clearbit.com with a link ending in ".png" or ".jpg" and your company domain.