Legacy: Autocomplete, Name to Domain, and Risk API FAQ

Last Updated: January 12, 2024

🔍 Please note: this article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

Disclaimer: The Autocomplete, Name to Domain, and Risk APIs are offered as free, legacy products are are unsupported at this time.

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Are the Autocomplete, Name to Domain, and Risk APIs Free?

Clearbit's Autocomplete and Name to Domain APIs are completely free products that you can use without a subscription. An API key is still required in your request when using the Name to Domain and Risk APIs, while none is needed when using the Autocomplete API. 


Are they Regularly Maintained?

Because these products are free, it is available as-is and is not regularly maintained by our engineering team. The data returned by the API is completely curated by automations, meaning while the data is still very accurate there are sometimes outlier inaccurate results returned by the API that can persist for some time until the automation finds them and corrects them.

How Many Requests Can I Make with Each API?

You can make 600 requests per minute to each API (unless you are using Streaming or Reveal). Check the returned HTTP headers of any API request to see your current rate limit status.

Why am I Seeing Errors while Using the Name to Domain API?

Since a company name is not a unique identifier, you should be prepared for some inherent inaccuracy in the name-to-domain results.