Legacy: Getting Started with G2: Intent on Platform

Last Updated: September 25, 2023

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Reveal, or Clearbit Platform plans.


G2 is one of the world's leading software marketplaces. More than 60 million people annually—including employees at all Fortune 500 companies—use G2 to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews.

In turn, G2 users can access valuable intent data by seeing when potential customers are:

  • Visiting their G2 page
  • Viewing their product on a category page
  • Viewing a comparison featuring their product
  • Viewing their sponsored content anywhere on the site

With Clearbit's G2 integration, you can activate your G2 intent data by creating company audiences. This article explains how and why it matters.


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Features and Benefits


Visiting review sites are a common sign of buying intent. Clearbit now allows you to use G2 intent data to identify in-market companies and ensure you convert them before your competitors do.

Before our G2 integration, a typical workflow would entail:

  1. Manually downloading intent data from G2
  2. Manually adding and assigning high-intent accounts to sales reps
  3. Manually prospecting contacts at those accounts
  4. Conducting manual outreach 

With our G2 integration, you can now employ an optimized workflow like the following:

  1. Create an audience that combines fit + intent, by allowing you to segment based on your CRM data, Clearbit enrichment data, first-party intent data (i.e. high-intent engagement on your website), and G2 intent data that includes:
    • Category pageviews
    • Comparison pageviews
    • Competitor pageviews
    • Direct pageviews
    • Product profile pageviews
    • Sponsored content pageviews
    • Total pageviews
    • Intent score
  2. Automatically create, assign, and prospect accounts that fit your audience criteria
  3. Conduct automated sales and marketing outreach

How to Use G2's Buying Intent Data

Use cases for Clearbit's G2 integration include but are not limited to the following:

  • Intent-based Outreach - Transform your G2 page into an automated pipeline generator. By pairing G2 intent data with Clearbit Capture, you can automatically identify, create, and prospect high-fit accounts — then send those accounts and contacts directly to Salesforce to enable outreach.
  • Targeted Advertising - Optimize your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google Display campaigns by targeting high-fit companies that are evaluating your G2 page. 
  • Slack & Email Alerts - Empower Sales to capitalize on intent in real-time. Example plays include alerting your sales reps when their accounts engage with your G2 page, prioritizing high-intent accounts for outbound, and surfacing stalled opportunities that are still showing interest.