Legacy: Understanding Credits and Usage

Last Updated: February 19, 2024


🔍 Please note: this will only apply to users who signed up with Clearbit in 2023 or earlier.

Review number of credits left

Users on Clearbit's Free Plan, Growth Plan, Business Plan, and Platform Plans, such as the Standard Bundle, can review the number of credits left on the  usage page. To review how many credits you have left:

  1. In your Clearbit account, in the left panel, click Usage
  2. In the right panel, review the number of credits remaining. 

If the usage page does not display in your account, you most likely are on a different plan that doesn't have usage accessible in the Clearbit Platform. If you are using our APIs, please see the API Usage page here

To learn more about your usage toward your limit, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or support@clearbit.com


Understanding your credit refresh schedule

Credits are refreshed monthly and do not roll over from month to month. To see when your next credit refresh is scheduled, review your Usage page.

  • Credits are refreshed every month at midnight in UTC timezone.  
  • The remaining credits will not be rolled over to the next month. 

Understanding your Clearbit credit allotment (Free, Growth, Business Plans)

Sales Alerts, CSV Exports, and Form Shortens cost credits separately. For example, if you get an alert for margot@clearbit.com, then export a CSV file that includes margot@clearbit.com, both of those actions cost credits separately. In this case, 3 credits would be consumed; 2 for the alert, 1 for the record exported.

Batch is currently priced separately per record, outside of the free tier & standard bundle credit system Learn more about batch pricing


 Feature  Cost per use
 Sales Alerts  2 credits per alert sent
 CSV Exports   1 credit per CSV row for each unique record exported with Clearbit data
 Form Shortening  2 credits per unique form filled and/or shortened with Clearbit data
 Companies revealed and sent to Google Analytics or Segment or Reveal API  0.1 credits per unique IP address revealed
 Creating a new lead/contact through Prospector API or Discovery API  2 credits per unique record created

 [Business Tier] Unique Enriched CRM Records  1 credit per unique email/domain enriched