Clearbit by HubSpot: Understanding Credits and Usage

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Clearbit by HubSpot plans.

Where can I see how many credits I have left?

You can see how many credits you have left by navigating to the Usage page. Find Usage in the left-hand navigation.

Understanding your credit refresh schedule

Credits are refreshed monthly and do not roll over from month to month. To see when your next credit refresh is scheduled, review your Usage page.

  • Credits are refreshed every month at midnight in UTC timezone.  
  • The remaining credits will not be rolled over to the next month. 

How many credits do I get with the free version of the Clearbit Platform?

In the free version of Clearbit by HubSpot, you have unlimited access to various features without the need to worry about credits. You can create unlimited Company records within HubSpot, and in the Visitors tab, you'll be able to see up to 50 companies. Additionally, Target Market lists will display a maximum of 100 companies for free customers.

What counts against my credit allotment for Clearbit?

Credits can be used for the following features within Clearbit by HubSpot:

  1. Form Shortening
    • 1 credit per unique form filled and/or shortened with Clearbit data
  2. Enriching a record
    • 1 credit per unique record created, whether this is a new record or the records included in a List Enrichment

What records count toward my credits?

In Clearbit's Enrichment process, a credit is counted when Clearbit successfully appends any data to a record. To optimize your data enrichment experience, we recommend mapping multiple fields for a comprehensive dataset (refer to our attribute list for more details). However, if you are looking to conserve credits, focusing on mapping key attributes will be most efficient. Please note that if you choose to include the Clearbit Processed At attribute in your mapping, every record you attempt to enrich will count towards your credit limit.