Understanding Credits and Usage

Last Updated: August 21, 2023

Where can I see how many credits I have left?

You can see how many credits you have left by navigating to the Usage section in the main navigation bar of the Clearbit Platform.


How many credits do I get with the free version of the Clearbit Platform?

Today, we offer 500 credits per month. Credits refresh monthly at midnight in UTC timezone. No credits roll-over month to month. To see when your next credit refresh is scheduled, please visit the Usage section in the main navigation bar of the Clearbit Platform.


What counts against my credit allotment for Clearbit's free version?

There are currently three ways to spend your credits in the Clearbit Platform:

  1. Sales Alerts (credits are deducted based on per alert sent)
    • 3 credits per alert sent
  2. CSV Exports (credits are deducted based on per row exported)
    • 1 credit per unique record exported with Clearbit data
  3. Form Shortening (credits are deducted based on per form shortened)
    • 5 credits per unique form filled and/or shortened with Clearbit data

You can see details about how you've spent your current credit allotment by visiting the Usage section of the main navigation bar in the Clearbit Platform.


What types of Enrichment count against my credit allotment?

Enrichment for CRM/MAP integrations on Platform (Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo) only count towards your credit allotment if Clearbit has successfully updated one of the mapped attributes with data.

Only unique enrichments each usage period count toward your credit allotment. If you shorten a form for margo@clearbit.com and then enrich it in your CRM then MAP, it will only count as 1 credit. Usage periods are typically annual. Please see the Usage tab of the Clearbit Platform to see your usage period. 


Does Batch count against my credit allotment?

Batch is currently priced separately per record, outside of the free tier & standard bundle credit system Learn more about Batch pricing. Access Batch here.


Why doesn't my account have a usage page?

The usage page is available for customers on Clearbit's free version and customers on our Standard Bundle. If the usage page doesn't resolve for you, you most likely are on a different plan that doesn't have usage accessible in the Clearbit Platform, yet. If you are using our APIs, please see the Dashboard Usage page here. To learn more about your usage toward your limit, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or support@clearbit.com

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