How Does the Clearbit Community Data Opt Out Work?

Last Updated: April 10, 2024

We’ve added a Community Data Opt Out option to help Clearbit customers comply with their data handling policies and legal obligations. 


When the Community Data Opt Out toggle is OFF

Clearbit’s real-time search delivers accurate and up-to-date attribute data through its email address search function. When you submit an email address that already exists in Clearbit’s dataset, Clearbit may return new or supplemental attributes related to that email address from  Clearbit’s datasets. If enough time has elapsed since the data was last updated, Clearbit may also perform a real-time search for updated attributes related to your submitted email address, and any updated enrichment data results will be returned with your search.


When you submit an email address that does not match any results in Clearbit’s dataset, a real-time search is performed against Clearbit’s data sources. Both the email address and the data collected via the real-time search will be added to the Clearbit dataset, which may be shared with other customers. 


When the Community Data Opt Out toggle is ON

The Community Data Opt Out applies to Clearbit’s person enrichment, forms, and Prospector only. When you enable Community Data Opt-Out:

  • A real-time data search will not be performed.
  • The email address you submit will not be added to Clearbit’s dataset and will not be shared with other customers.
  • Data enrichment will only return results that are already in Clearbit’s datasets.


Certain privacy laws, like the General Data Protection Regulation and California Consumer Privacy Act, have requirements around how you can use and share personal data about individuals, such as email addresses. Enabling the Community Data Opt Out toggle prevents you from sharing email addresses with other customers, which may help you comply with your data handling policies and legal obligations. Note that enabling the Community Data Opt-Out may reduce your email match rate by as much as 5%, and you may receive enrichment results that are more outdated and/or incomplete. 


To enable the Community Data Opt-Out, go to Settings -> Team -> General and turn on the Opt Out as shown below:

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