Sync your Segment data with Clearbit

If you're a Segment customer, you can send Traits and page views directly to Clearbit.

The Segment integration can be used in place of the Clearbit tag and Identify method.

Before getting started... Segment Page events are required in order to set up other Segment events, like Identifies. Track events are not currently supported.

1. Copy the webhook URL

Follow Segment's handy webhook guide to get started.

When instructed, copy and paste the web hook URL from the Segment section of your Clearbit Configuration page


2. Add the webhook to your website and/or app sources in Segment

Before you start, make sure Webhooks supports the source type and connection mode you’ve chosen to implement. You can learn more about connection modes here.

  1. From the Segment web app, click Catalog
  2. Select Destinations and search for “Webhooks” in the Catalog
  3. Select the web, mobile, and/or server sources that you would like to send data from (must send Page and Identify events)
  4. Paste the Clearbit Webhook URL into the URL field
  5. Toggle on Webhooks and Segment will start sending Identify and Page events received by Segment’s API.


3. Verify that Clearbit is receiving your Segment data

When the Segment Page events (required) and other Segment events are successfully sending, you'll instantly be able to see identified people, companies, and live revealed web traffic streaming in Clearbit X.