Sync Segment data with Clearbit X

If you're already a Segment customer, then sending page views and custom traits to Clearbit is easy.

Note: Segment Page events are required in order to set up other Segment events like Identifies. Track events are not currently supported.  

Setting up a destination webhook

Follow Segment's handy webhook guide to get started. When instructed, copy and paste the webhook URL from the Segment section of your Clearbit Configuration page.  


Once Segment Page events (required) and other Segment events are successfully flowing through, you'll instantly be able to see identified people, companies and live revealed web traffic streaming into Clearbit X.


What's next?

If you just want to send your web traffic to Clearbit X, you're all done! Visit your Clearbit Companies Dashboard to see your live web traffic.

However, Clearbit X is as good as the data you provide it. You have a few options:

Once you have done those steps, then you can move onto building your Clearbit X segment.