Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication (also referred to as MFA and sometimes as Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA) provides additional security to your account by requiring an additional code (generated by your phone, tablet, 1Password etc) when you log in. This means if your email and password have been compromised, your account remains secure.

How to setup MFA

Clearbit MFA is enabled at the team level, meaning that if a team requires MFA, then everyone on the team must set it up. This ensures security on the account and all of its users.

Step 1 — Enforcing MFA

To get started, as an an admin of the team you can select to Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) at Once you click Update team you will be redirected to setup your own MFA. This change will also apply to every user of the team as soon as they next visit any Clearbit property.


Step 2 — Setting up MFA

Both you and other users in the team will be prompted to setup your authenticator application. We recommend Google Authenticator or Authy as your MFA authenticator app. If you use 1Password it can also be used as your MFA authenticator.

Once your MFA authenticator is setup, you'll need to enter the 6 digit verification code it generates for you in order to continue.


Step 3 — Saving recovery codes

You'll also be given a list of 10 recovery codes. We recommend storing these somewhere safe as if you lose your MFA authenticator, you can log in using one of these. Once you've saved them, click to confirm and MFA will be enabled for your user!


Signing in with MFA

Sign in with your email and password just like you usually would. You'll then be prompted to enter the 6 digit code generated by your MFA authenticator application.


If you've lost access to your MFA authenticator, that's OK! You can use one of the recovery codes you previously saved by clicking Use a recovery code instead This will take you to the recovery code dialog — keep in mind each recovery code can be used one time.


Reconfiguring MFA

If you've lost your MFA authenticator, or want to go through the setup process again you can reconfigure your MFA through your profile settings at

Clicking to Reconfigure MFA will take you through the MFA setup process again from scratch, allowing you to setup your authenticator application again, and giving you a new set of recovery codes.


Disabling MFA

If your team no longer enforces MFA, you can disable it for your user through your profile settings at

Click to Disable MFA, and after confirming you will no longer be prompted to enter the 6 digit MFA code when logging in. Please note: this option only appears if no teams you belong to enforce MFA.