Clearbit Traffic Rank

Last Updated: December 19, 2022

What is Clearbit Traffic Rank?

Clearbit Traffic Rank is an aggregated metric that combines users, website visits and takes into account seasonality to provide a good guide for understanding how a company's website metrics compare against other companies on the internet. It is a good predictor for targeting and propensity and value modeling, helping to understand how a company stacks up against other businesses, as well as to analyze changes in website traffic over time (MoM or YoY).

How is Clearbit Traffic Rank calculated?

Clearbit Traffic Rank is based on a combination of public and private sources and uses a proprietary algorithm to determine a website's performance. We bucket website domains into seven segments:

- Very high

- High

- Medium

- Medium low

- Low

- Very low



How do I use Clearbit Traffic Rank?

Clearbit Traffic Rank can be used to understand how popular a website is. If you used Alexa Rank previously, Clearbit Traffic Rank can be used in the same way.

Clearbit Traffic Rank can be used for targeting or segmentation, understanding how a company compares to others, and more. It can also help to understand MoM or YoY changes in a particular website traffic - is it a high growth business? Are they getting more customers?


📝 Please note

Clearbit Traffic Rank is now available only on our Clearbit Data Activation Platform and via our Company Enrichment & Reveal APIs. 

We will continue to make Alexa Rank available until December 2023 to prevent breaking any logic or models. We encourage all customers to move to Clearbit Traffic Rank well before that date, as Alexa Rank data will be stale from December 2022.