Flag Incorrect Data

Last updated: July 15, 2022

Clearbit's data comes from a variety of public and private sources, and while the accuracy of our data is generally good, there can be a few mistakes here and there. The article outlines how you can flag incorrect data. 

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How to Flag Incorrect Data

  1. Log into the Clearbit Platform, in the left-hand tab click Lookup.
  2. Input the email/domain/IP address that you'd like to flag as incorrect.
  3. Select the flag result button in the right-hand corner of the enriched data. 

📝 Please note:  When it comes to IP addresses, Clearbit is constantly picking up signals to associate IPs with companies. The Reveal API is a dynamic process and we should see the IP associated with the correct company after the user produces more signals online. Depending on how active the person is online, it may take just a week or two.  For this reason, we do not update IP address associations upon request. Breaking the dynamic process would lead to more inaccuracies down the line, so we leave the dynamic process in place to self-correct.