Legacy Managed Package: How Does Enrichment Work in Clearbit's Legacy Salesforce Integration?

Last Updated: January 12, 2024

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

The top things to know about how Clearbit Enrichment works in your Salesforce org are:

  1. In order to get enriched data on a company or a person, a valid email or domain is required as the input.
    Enrichment requires the email or domain as an input to find person and company data to return back. While we've considered the possibility of alternative inputs, currently an email or domain are the only two possible sources Enrichment can use.
  2. Enrichment can only be used by Salesforce users who have been granted Clearbit permissions.
    To check whether any given user has the permissions they need to use Clearbit for Salesforce, go to Salesforce's Clearbit Settings tab, then click the Account tab. Find the user that needs access to see which permissions they have been assigned.


Here's what each checkbox means:

Permission set: This checkbox is a prerequisite to the other two permissions (i.e. before a user can be assigned Prospector or Enrichment permissions, they need to have this box checked). If a user does not have this checkbox checked, they cannot use any Clearbit for Salesforce features.

Prospector: Checking this box permits use of Prospector App and the Prospector tabs of the Clearbit widget or lightning components. If you give a user this permission, make sure they also have permission to create both contact and account records, since it's required to create records after prospecting companies and people.

Enrichment: Checking this box permits use of Live Enrichment and Backfill and Refresh Enrichment. For more info on what each of these do, read our Clearbit for Salesforce FAQ article.

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