Troubleshoot the Clearbit Tag

Last Updated: September 5, 2023
Once the Clearbit Tag is live on your website, and you have saved your Allowed Referrers, Clearbit will automatically identify and track the companies visiting your site.

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How to Check Your Companies Dashboard for Live Web Traffic

Visit the Companies tab to see your live web traffic. Look for companies with recent Last Path and Last Visit At activity.


If the Clearbit tag is not populating data, use your browser's developer console to check your implementation.

The console allows you to write JavaScript and execute methods manually. You also can inspect the Network Tab in the developer console to view requests going from the browser to Clearbit's servers.

Are You Receiving Traffic on Your Website?

The Clearbit Tag will only show traffic from website visitors that have been successfully revealed or identified. Clearbit cannot reveal 100% of your website traffic. It may take a few minutes (or hours) to start receiving identified company data, depending on the volume of traffic on your website.

Are You Loading the Clearbit Tag?

Open the JavaScript console. Type clearbit and press enter.

If you see the Analytics data type load, then it's working! If you do not get a response, it means that the Clearbit tag is not loading on your website.

How Do You Open the JavaScript Console in Your Debugger?

The JavaScript console is a part of a browser's developer tools. The console reveals syntax bugs and errors that may occur in your JavaScript code. Additionally, you may execute valid JavaScript by typing into the console. Most browser developer tools allow you to see request traffic as well.

You can display your browser's console by pressing the corresponding keys below:

  • Chrome: COMMAND+OPTION+J (Mac) or CTRL+SHIFT+J (Windows).
  • Firefox: COMMAND+OPTION+K (Mac) or CTRL+SHIFT+K (Windows) and then click on the Console tab.
  • Safari: COMMAND+OPTION+I (Mac) or CTRL+ALT+I (Windows) and then click on the Console tab.
  • Internet Explorer: F12 and then click on the Console tab.

Did You List Your Domain(s) on the Allowed Referrers List?

The Allowed Referrers list tells Clearbit which domains to accept requests from. If the domain that you are attempting to track is not added to the list, Clearbit will not accept requests from that domain.


📝 Please note: When adding a URL to the list of allowed referrers, please ensure that unless you are specifying a specific path within the URL, you should omit any additional forward slashes. For instance, use "" instead of "". Failure to do so may lead to a 403 Error Status, indicating that the URL lacks the necessary permissions to make the Clearbit request.

Clearbit Tag Error: tracking.push

Should you encounter the error "Uncaught TypeError: tracking.push is not a function" with the Clearbit Tag, be aware that assigning the ID "clearbit" to the script can cause this issue. This assignment inadvertently overrides the global window.clearbit reference, equating it to the script tag element instead of its intended function.

It's essential to ensure that IDs assigned to elements, especially scripts, do not conflict with global variables or functions. To avoid this, consider using more descriptive and unique IDs, or avoid assigning IDs to script tags unless absolutely necessary. For example, many customers use "tag_clearbitplatform". Regularly testing and reviewing the code in different environments, can also help in early detection of overriding issues.