Set Up the Slack Destination

The Slack destination posts a message to Slack whenever a person/company matches an audience. This post includes a custom message (which you can use to @mention specific members of your team), custom attributes (which you can choose from Salesforce, Clearbit Data, Custom attributes, etc.), recent activity, and links to the corresponding Salesforce records (where available).


Common use cases include:

  • Notify your account executives when any of their accounts with an open opportunity has a spike in traffic and hits the pricing page.
  • Send a notification to your customer success managers when one of their contacts leaves their job.

💡 Clearbit Tip: Because the Slack Destination can get quite noisy, we recommend that you enable it only for narrowly scoped audiences where timing is important. 


The Slack destination can be enabled from the Destinations tab of any audience.


Additional Settings

Trigger - Sets the criteria for a person/company to trigger the destination. The options are:

  • Page view - Triggers every time company/person views a page on your site.
  • Audience enter - Triggers only when a company/person enters the audience.
  • Audience exit - Triggers only when a company/person exits the audience.

Configure Slack Options

  • Slack Channel - Allows you select the Slack Channel or DM that you wish to post messages to.
  • Custom Message - Allows you to set a custom message at the top of each alert. This can be extremely useful for @mentioning members of your team. Messages can also be customized with Liquid templates. 
  • Suppression settings - When enabled, suppresses accounts from being included in the digest if they've been included in the past within the past x days/weeks/months. In the image below, an account would only be in an email digest if they haven't been included in the past 2 weeks.


Customize your Slack message - Allows you to specify exactly which attributes you want to include in your Slack message.