Salesforce Destination

The Salesforce Destination allows you to create a task or chatter message in Salesforce whenever a person/company matches an audience.


Common use cases include - 

  • Assign your account executives a task in SFDC when a named account with no activity in the last 30 days hits our site.
  • Notify your account executives when any of their accounts with an open opportunity has a spike in traffic and hits the pricing page.
  • Create a task when a contact leaves their job.

Best Practice: Because you don't want your Sales team's inboxes flooded with open tasks, we recommend that you use this destination with only narrowly scoped audiences.


The Salesforce destination can be enabled from the Destinations tab of any audience.



Trigger - Sets the criteria for a person/company to trigger the destination.


  • Page view - Triggers every time company/person views a page on your site.
  • Audience enter - Triggers only when a company/person enters the audience.
  • Audience exit - Triggers only when a company/person exits the audience. 

Create a Task - Creates an open task in Salesforce on the Account/Lead/Contact that matches the audience. This task will automatically be assigned to the record owner. Note: If a company/person is associated with multiple Salesforce records, a task will be added to each.

Send as Chatter Message - Posts a chatter message whenever a person/company matches the audience. 

Subject Template - Sets a custom subject for the Task (customize with Liquid templates).

Body Template - Sets a custom message for the comments on the Task or the body of the Chatter post (customize with Liquid templates).

Suppression settings - When enabled, excludes people/companies that you've been alerted to within the past x days/weeks/months. In the image below, a company would only trigger the Destination if they haven't triggered one in the past 5 days.



What's next?

If you've already setup a destination, check out some example audiences for more ideas on how to use Clearbit!