Webhook Destination

Our Webhook Destination allows you to send segment matches anywhere you need to.

When enabled, Clearbit X will post a JSON payload to the URL you specify. The payload includes data about the company/person that matched as well as metadata about the destination and segment.

Example JSON Payload

"legal_name":"KQED INC",
"timestamp":"2019-05-09 00:03:05 UTC"
"timestamp":"2019-05-09 00:03:08 UTC"
"timestamp":"2019-05-08 23:51:27 UTC"

Common use cases include - 


The Webhook destination can be enabled from the Destinations tab of any segment.




Trigger - Sets the criteria for a person/company to trigger the destination. The options are:

  • Page view - Triggers every time company/person views a page on your site.
  • Segment enter - Triggers only when a company/person enters the segment.
  • Segment exit - Triggers only when a company/person exits the segment.

URL - The URL you want Clearbit X to send the JSON payload to.

Suppression settings - When enabled, excludes people/companies that you've been alerted to within the past x days/weeks/months. In the image below, a company would only trigger the Destination if they haven't triggered one in the past 5 days.



What's next?

If you've already setup a destination, check out some example segments for more ideas on how to use Clearbit X!