Set Up Clearbit Forms for Marketo

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Make sure you never miss a lead again. Clearbit Forms to shorten your Marketo forms, make sure Clearbit captures the data you're interested in and saves it to your corresponding fields in Marketo.

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Set Up Clearbit Forms for Marketo 

  1. Install the Clearbit Tag on your Marketo website. 
  2. In Clearbit, click the Forms tab, then the Configure button in the Marketo box.
  3. To define your Allowed Sites, click the Add domain button, type in your site, and click Save.
    Allowed Sites defines which pages of your website will activate Autofill or Form Shortening, and which pages to ignore, directly in the configuration interface. Allowed Sites are required . If Allowed Sites are not defined, Clearbit will not activate Forms on your website.

    πŸ’‘ Clearbit Tip: To autofill or shorten forms at a specific address. Enter the specific URL (e.g. or . To allow autofill & shortening for all forms on a specific domain enter a wildcard (e.g.* or **). If you'd like to learn more about Allowed Sites click here. 

  4. Under the Form Settings section, choose whether you'd like to enable:
    • Form field Autofill - All fields will be visible when enriched
    • Form Shortening - Fields will be hidden by default, and only show if Clearbit cannot enrich the field
    • Identify on Submit - Identify calls allow you to match individual People (ie, email addresses) to website activity. We will automatically match email addresses submitted through Forms to identify calls. This is only available for Hubpsot, Marketo and Pardot forms.

How To Create a Clearbit Form Status Field in Marketo

To power Clearbit Forms, you'll need to create a custom field that will be used to check whether Clearbit returned data about a lead or not.

  1. Log in to your Marketo account and go to the Admin section in the navigation bar.
  2. Select Field Management from the left panel, under the Database Management group.
  3. Click on New Custom Field from the main panel and create a field with the following properties:
    • Object: Person
    • Type: String
    • Name: Clearbit Form Status
    • API Name: clearbitFormStatus


4. After you're done, click Create.

πŸ“  Please note: the API Name of the field must be exactly clearbitFormStatus in order for it to work correctly.

How To Create Your Marketo Form

The next step is to create the form you'll be using on your website.

  1. Go to the Design Studio section of the navigation bar.
  2. Click New and select New Form from the available options below.
  3. Fill in the modal with the appropriate information like in the example below: 
    ❗Disclaimer:  When creating your form, make sure to move up your Email Address as the first field. That's the only required visible field and the one Clearbit will use to look for data on that lead.
  4. Let's now add the custom field we created earlier (Clearbit Form Status) and set it's field type as hidden so that users won't see it.

Set Up Field Mapping

Your field mappings determine what data will be written to each field on a lead when the Clearbit enrichment webhook is triggered.

  1. Navigate to your Form Field Mapping tab from the Configuration page. 
  2. Click Add Mapping to create a new field mapping.
  3. Select the Clearbit Attribute you would like to sync. Then choose the corresponding form field you want to enrich with that data.

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