Legacy Managed Package: Troubleshoot Salesforce Integration

Last Updated: October 25, 2023

There are many reasons why Enrichment could fail in Salesforce, but these are this guide outlines the most common. Please take a look at these preliminary steps and if the problem isn't fixed, please reach out to support@clearbit.com to have one of our support engineers investigate further.  

ūüď̬† Please note: Many of the steps below assume you are using Salesforce Classic. If you are using Lightning Experience, you may find some settings in slightly different places, particularly those related to account/lead/contact/etc. objects.

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Make sure Live Enrichment is enabled (if enrichment is failing upon record creation)

  1. Go to the Clearbit Settings tab.
  2. Click the Enrichment tab.
  3. Make sure Live Enrichment is toggled on for each object you want to enrich.

Make sure Field Mapping is enabled

  1. Go to the Clearbit Settings tab.
  2. Click the Field Mapping tab.
  3. Make sure Field Mapping is toggled on for each object you want to enrich (you will need to go into the tab for each object and toggle them on individually).

Make sure the user enriching records has the correct permissions assigned

  1. Go to the Clearbit Settings tab.
  2. Click the Account tab.
  3. Find the affected user in the user list.
  4. Make sure the Permission set box is checked.
  5. Make sure the Enrichment box is checked.

Make sure you do not have any incomplete field mappings

Incomplete field mappings will have a small magnifying glass symbol next to them instead of an X. This can happen for various reasons but is most often caused when you attempt to map a field with Field-Level Security set to Read-Only or with Field Accessibility set to Hidden. If the field is Read-Only or Hidden for your users, then it is also this way for Clearbit's package, and you will not be able to properly add it to your field mappings. To fix this, set the affected field to be Visible and Editable.

  1. Head to Setup.
  2. Type in the Quick Find search bar Lead, Contact, or Account based on the field you are mapping
  3. Click Fields.
  4. Click the name of the field you are mapping onto.
  5. Click the Set Field-Level Security button.
  6. Check the Visible box for all profiles using Clearbit Enrichment.
  7. Uncheck the Read-Only box for the same profiles.
  8. Click Save. When you attempt to map the field again, it should look like this:

Check if any Enrichment Errors have been logged

An Enrichment Error is indicated by a 901 status on the Clearbit record that's associated with the parent lead, contact, or account record. The fastest way to check for these errors is to open the Clearbit Debug Logs report.

  1. Go to the Reports tab
  2. Search for Clearbit Debug Logs and open the report.

If you see errors have been logged here, then attempt to troubleshoot based on the information provided. Note that the Clearbit Debug Logs report does not catch every single Enrichment Error. To thoroughly search for these errors, you can create your own report for leads, contacts, or accounts. For this example, we'll search for Enrichment Errors on accounts.

  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. Click New Report.
  3. Type in the Quick Find search bar: Clearbit with Account.
  4. Select that report type and click Create.
  5. Add the Clearbit Enrichment Error column to the report.
  6. Add the Clearbit Status column to the report.
  7. Change Show: My clearbit to instead be Show: All clearbit so this report will include all records.
  8. Change ActiveAt - All Time to Clearbit: Created Date - All Time.
  9. Add a filter: Status - equals - 901.
  10. Click Run Report.

If you are using Salesforce Classic, your report setup will look like this:
Screen_Shot_2022-03-11_at_1.29.44_PM.pngIf you are in Lightning Experience, it will look a little different, but all the same criteria will apply.Once you have your report results, attempt to troubleshoot based on the information provided. If you cannot solve the issue based on the error, feel free to reach out to support@clearbit.com providing the error and a summary of the issue you are experiencing.