What Does Clearbit Offer for Free?

Last Updated: January 24, 2023

Disclaimer: The products discussed in this article are free, and with the exception of the Weekly Visitor Report, TAM Calculator, and Clearbit Connect, are unsupported at this time.

While a subscription is required to use most of Clearbit's solutions (if you're interested in speaking with a Sales representative, please fill out this form), we do offer various tools and legacy APIs with a free Clearbit account, and even without an account. 

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What Tools Can I Use with a Free Account?

  • Weekly Visitor Report
    • With the Weekly Visitor Report, you get a weekly dashboard of de-anonymized companies visiting your website and showing intent.
  • TAM Calculator
    • Use Clearbit's database of 44M+ companies to generate your Total Addressable Market (TAM).
  • Batch Enrichment
    • Payment is required for full results, but access to our Batch Enrichment service is free. It lets you upload a list of emails or domains and download an enriched list of people or companies respectively. If you have an occasional one-off need for our Enrichment product then this is the best way of using it. 
  • Clearbit Connect
    • Connect is a is a free Chrome extension that helps you reach real people at the right companies. Once you install it, you'll be able to instantly find verified emails from qualified companies directly within Gmail or as you research your prospects' websites.

What Legacy APIs Can I Use, Even Without a Clearbit Account?

  • 50 monthly Enrichment Credits  
  • Name to Domain API
    • The Company Name to Domain API lets you convert the exact name of a company to a website domain, and a logo.
  • Logo API
    • If you’re only interested in a Company’s logo, and don’t need any other data about the company, you can use our Logo API.
    • See our Logo API FAQ article for more information.
  • AutoComplete API
    • Company Autocomplete is an API that lets you auto-complete company names and retrieve logo and domain information.
  • Risk API
    • Our Risk API takes an email and IP and calculates an associated risk score.