Add companies to HubSpot using Clearbit by HubSpot

Last Updated: March 22, 2024


You can easily add companies from your target markets or website visitors to your HubSpot CRM using Clearbit by HubSpot. This feature is available for free and paid customers, allowing for seamless company record creation within your CRM. There are three ways to add companies to HubSpot:

  1. Home Page: You can add the top 12 companies from your Main Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) list. These 12 companies will be randomly selected to provide a diverse range of options.
  2. Target Markets: You can add any company from your designated target market lists.
  3. Visitors: Add companies that have visited your site and are listed in the visitor log.

Add companies

To add a company to HubSpot, next to the company name, click Add to HubSpot.

Once you add a company, next to the company will say In HubSpot.

Please note: there may be a short delay before the company information shows in HubSpot and reflects upon page refresh or navigation.

Data Enrichment

When a company is added to HubSpot,  only the company name and domain will be added. The feature isn't reliant on data enrichment, but it benefits from it. Paid customers can enhance this functionality by enabling Live Enrichment for companies. For free users, HubSpot Insights will enrich some data in the CRM. While HubSpot Insights may not be as comprehensive as Clearbit data, it will populate certain fields for companies added to HubSpot.

Capacity and Restrictions

There is no fixed limit on the number of companies that you can add to HubSpot. However, there are constraints on the number of companies displayed in your visitors (50) and target market lists (100 each). Importing companies using this method does not consume any of your credits.