Target Markets 101

Last Updated: January 4, 2024


Want to discover the size of your target segment(s) or ideal customer profile(s)? And then target or prospect against those companies within Clearbit? Good newsyou can do both with Target Markets.

Here's how:

Define Your Target Markets

Defining your Target Markets within Clearbit is easy. Simply click on Target Markets in the sidebar, and then use the available company attributes as filters to create your criteria. Once complete, save your Target Market, and you're done. 

Find Target Markets.png

Note: During onboarding, you likely already created your first Target Market. This initial Target Market will be named Main ICP. Feel free to either tweak that Target Market or create new ones! 


Understand Target Market Size

As you define a Target Market, we'll dynamically calculate how many companies fit your criteria. This is a powerful way to quickly understand the potential of segments or markets you're looking to target. 

Target Market Size.png


Identify Visitors in Your Target Markets

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Clearbit Visitor Report is to set a Target Market. This is because every Target Market you define will be automatically reflected in your reports. Any time a visitor fits your Target Market(s):

  • We'll tag it with a blue Target Market icon to help with quick scanning.
  • You'll be able to filter for companies that fit your Target Market.

Target Markets in Visitors.png

Learn more about how Target Markets work with your Visitor Reports here



Can I export companies that are in my Target Markets?

Not yet, but this functionality is on our near-term roadmap! 

Can I use my Target Markets as company filtering criteria in Prospector? 

Not yet, but this functionality is on our near-term roadmap! 

What should I do if existing Target Market criteria aren't specific enough for my company? 

The Tags filter is a great way to use keywords to add more specificity to your queries. It allows for custom entries to help narrow in on companies that are categorized by us on the backend. 

Can I see more than 50 companies?

Today you can see the first 50 companies that fit your criteria.