Visitor Report 101

Last Updated: January 25, 2024


Clearbit's Visitor Report enables you to discover and prospect de-anonymized companies visiting and expressing intent on your website. Learn how to make the most of your reports below: 


This is your Feed of the identified companies hitting your website—fully interactive, fully enriched, and ready to be engaged. Regardless of the chosen Time Frame, we'll surface 100 companies for you to explore and pursue. 



Your Visitor Report Insights tell you what companies are in your Target Market(s), are showing Intent, are either in or not in HubSpot already, and are either surging or decreasing in terms of visit activity. These are the four things you can use to find high-intent, high-fit companies that are either net-new accounts for your BDRs, or existing accounts for your AEs.

Most Insight types are fully filterable via your report's top-level Filters



Hone in super quick on the companies you care about most by using Filters. Available Filters include:

  • Filter by Field or Page: Filter by any field you see, or webpage. 
  • Filter by Timeframe: Filter by a selection of different time frames. 
  • Channel: Based on URL parameter, understand what channels your visitors are coming from.  
    • Specifically, we'll look at the UTM medium parameter in the URL to categorize as follows: Visitors Channel filter.png


Target Markets

To see what visitors are in your Target Market(s), you'll need to first set a Target Market in Clearbit. It's a simple process of using a pre-set list of company attributes to define your ideal target company. You can do this by:

  1. Logging into your Clearbit account
  2. Clicking on Target Markets in the sidebar or the link down below on your Visitor Report page:

Once you've set your Target Market(s), your Visitor Report will automatically detect and reflect what companies match your chosen criteria. They'll be denoted in your Feed with a blue Target Market tag (specific Target Market(s) affiliation can be found via hover) and filterable via your high-level Filters

Please note that every Target Market you set and save will be instantaneously reflected in your Visitor Reports. 

Learn more about how to use Target Markets here


By default, your Visitor Report will detect what companies visit page paths on your site that are commonly associated with intent. Path examples include signup, demo, and pricing. 

Using our Intent Criteria Beta, you can customize your high-intent page paths in addition to the minimum number of visitors and the minimum number of visits required to qualify a visitor as showing intent.

Access Intent Criteria by clicking Manage Intent Criteria

Intent Criteria Module.png

Note: As part of the beta, Intent Criteria is saved locally on your machine, and does not persist for other users on your Clearbit account. 


Time Frames

Utilize your Visitor Report's various time frames to identify companies visiting you in real-time (which is critical for timely outreach) or uncover repeat visitors that are high-fit and showing intent (perfect for deal acceleration). 



Everything you need to qualify and engage your hottest website leads is right at your fingertips.

Quick Links

Jumpstart your external research with links to your visitors' websites and LinkedIn, CrunchBase, and X profiles.

Engagement Stats

Gauge level of intent by seeing period/period visit change, source channels, # of visitors, and top pages visited. 

Company Profiles

Qualify visitors in a snap with access to rich firmographic data like company description, revenue, technologies used, and more.