Why Is My Connect Email Extension Not Working?

Last Updated: February 7, 2023

đź’ˇ Pro Tip: If you're experiencing issues with Clearbit Connect, the first thing we recommend doing is removing and re-installing the extension. If you're unsure how to do this, please watch the super quick video below:  

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Connect isn’t loading properly in Gmail or on company websites

If you're having trouble getting Connect to load in Gmail's sidebar or via our widget while you're visiting company websites, please try the following things:

  • Ensure that you have the latest version of Connect installed. If you're unsure, simplest thing you can do is remove it, and then reinstall it here in the Chome Web Store
  • Ensure that you've completed the sign-up and authorization process via Google. Connect requires signing up via Google.
  • Check that you have the most recent version of Chrome / Gmail installed.
  • Confirm with your IT team that there aren’t any security / procurement protocols that block extensions like Connect from working without explicit approval. 
  • Check that you've enabled cookies and that your ad blocker isn’t interfering with extensions like Connect. If you're unsure about this, it's best to check in with your IT team. 
  • Do a quick check of whether other extensions might be interfering with Connect. You can accomplish this by a process of elimination in your Chrome settings.
  • Confirm that you haven't spent all of your free credits for the month. You can check this by going into Connect's settings. 

Connect’s website widget isn’t showing any data

If the Connect widget isn't showing anything when you attempt to use it on company websites, it's usually due to one of the two following things:

  • You haven't opted in to allowing Connect to work on websites. You can do this very quickly either in the widget panel itself or in Connect's settings. Note: As part of this functionality, Connect sees the pages you visit.Enable_Clearbit_Connect_for_Websites.gif
  • If the widget is functioning, but we aren’t showing complete data on a company or contact, it’s likely because we either don't have that record in our database, or we have incomplete data on that record. 

Connect doesn’t show any enriched information for a contact or company

  • As mentioned above, there are instances where we don't have a company or contact record in our database, or we have incomplete data on that record. If either is the case, you may see limited or no enrichment data in Connect. 

Connect is repeatedly asking me to re-authorize

  • This is usually tied to issues with initial installation or you using an older version of the extension. The best course of action is to remove Connect, re-install it, and sign in. You can watch a quick video on how to remove and re-install Connect here.