Legacy Managed Package: Clearbit for Appexchange Release Notes Log

Last updated: October 25, 2023

🔍 Please note: this article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

Clearbit for AppExchange Salesforce v12.8 Release Notes

Access to additional tech tags in Prospector search

  • Basecamp
  • Cision
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Interspire
  • Meltwater
  • Microsoft Project
  • Podio
  • Sage Intacct
  • Smartsheet

Removed “SmartRecruiters” from available tech tags.

Refactoring to better streamline future updates to Clearbit for Salesforce.

Other minor bug fixes and improvements to the code

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Clearbit for AppExchange December 2020 Release (v12.4)

Ability to share saved Prospector searches

We now have the ability to view and use Prospector searches that have been saved by another user.  Searches are grouped in the UI per the screenshot below.


Lead Source confirmation modal on Prospector LWC

When using the Prospector Lightning Widget previously, there was not an option to select or enter a Lead Source, even if that option was available for the Prospector Tab.


Manage large database footprint for Clearbits

We added a toggle under the Account tab in Clearbit Settings  to remove Clearbit records linked to converted Leads on a nightly basis


Allow multiple Custom Addresses in field mapping

You can now map to multiple custom grouped address fields on a single object

Updated Backend Tech Tags in Prospector

Prospector Tech Tag search options have been updated for improved company discovery

Create API-only permission set for use integration users

Our current permission set provides access to visual elements like Visualforce pages and Tabs. In order to assist our customers that have dedicated API-only users (i.e. Pardot Integration User) which cannot be assigned the permission set (because they are not allowed access to visual elements), We have added a new permission set named Clearbit User Permissions - API Only that can be assigned to API Only users.

Add Alexa US Rank and Alexa Global Rank to company CSV export from Prospector

Alexa rankings are now included as data attributes on company exports in Prospector

New Clearbit attributes in Field Mapping

    • Company Geolocation (latitude/longitude)
    • Person and Company TimeZone
    • Company EIN
    • Clearbit IndexedAt

Bug fixes

  • Clearbit Widget showing "Argument cannot be null" error
  • Clearbit Widget locking browser when a malformed Clearbit Token is reset or stored
  • Adjust the Opportunity count queries on the company section of the Enrichment widget to more accurately exclude closed Opportunities
  • Visual adjustments on Widget and Social Bar

Clearbit for AppExchange June 2020 Release (v12.2)

Better ICP Tools

Here at Clearbit, we're continuing to improve our products' performance and reliability. Over the past few months, we've been listening to your ideas and needs to strategize for the changing landscape. From those conversations, we assembled the most impactful improvements for identifying and contacting people in your ICP.


  • Backend Tech and Categories
  • Identify more job titles with `sub role`
  • Direct-dial Search Filter
  • Enrich button
  • Better Prospector discovery
  • Cancel backfills
  • Many more improvements

Improve scoring and prospecting with new backend tech and categories

We added 180 new backend tech tags to the company search as well as tech categories that allow you to cast a wider net. Now you can flag companies for your sales team that use a competitor or partner technology we couldn't previously track (ie Okta, Jira, Github Enterprise, Workday, etc.). Backend tech tags are already available for Enrichment with the existing "Company Technology" field.

Check out all the new backend tech tags here. You can review full list of tech tags here.


Identify more job titles with `sub role`

We've added person employment sub role to contact and lead field mappings so that you can target people with ideal job titles for your sales team. Sub role takes all of the guess work out of job title management by giving you a set of predefined roles and sub roles to report and score against. Subrole goes a level deeper from "role" functions like "Marketing" to titles like "Brand Marketing" and "Product Marketing" so that you can fine-tune lead and contact scoring. Add our sub roles to your scoring model.

Improve prospecting with the direct-dial search filter

The ability to quickly find a contact's phone number at target accounts is one of the big advantages of Prospector. Now you are able to filter for contacts with phone numbers before running a person search so that your sales team can spend less time searching and more time selling.

Check the direct dial box on the Person search step in the Prospector app or on the Prospector Lightning component.


Get the most up-to-date data with the new Enrich Button

Trigger enrichment using the new "Enrich" button on the Lightning Enrichment component and tab of the widget. The Enrich button will update the Clearbit object via the API which will result in Clearbit's data being mapped to the current record. This ensures your sales team always uses the most up-to-date data even if you haven't run a backfill or refresh recently.

Use the Enrich button if you want to check if there is new data available or you notice that the data on the Clearbit widget is different from what is displayed on the record. 


Find more contacts without leaving a record page

When prospecting into a single company with the Prospector Lightning component you are no longer limited to the first 10 results. You can continue to page through the results until you find the ideal contacts.


Cancel accidental or test backfills

We now allow admins to cancel backfills, which is important for testing new field mappings and automated triggers. We've also added additional backfill statuses and made the existing ones clearer.


Additional Improvements

  • Added button label to Backfill and Schedule Enrichment button in Enrichment Settings
  • Enrichment functionality is now disabled by default when first installing the package from AppExchange
  • List-based backfills can now be deleted
  • Free email provider bypass setting now in Field Mappings
  • Removed the native Salesforce map used to show person and company location in the widget due to inconsistent performance
  • Numerous improvements to the user experience

Clearbit for AppExchange Patch Release Notes (v12.1.X)

Clearbit v12.1.13: The following issues were resolved:

  • An "Enrichment over quota" message was mistakenly appearing on the widget.
  • A "Prospector over quota" message mistakenly appeared on the widget and app.
  • A legacy backfill processor check was removed that was preventing backfills in some cases. 
  • An issue with the Prospector "create record" button states has been resolved.

Clearbit v12.1.16: The following issues were resolved:

  • The Prospector widget was creating duplicate accounts when a new contact was created. 

Clearbit v12.1.17: The following issues were resolved:

  • Fixed widget scrolling issue.
  • Fixed timezone error with Enrichment scheduling.

Clearbit v12.1.21: The following issues were resolved:

  • Scheduled backfills not running

Clearbit v12.1.22: The following issues were resolved:

  • Some users experienced a permission error when trying to view Clearbit Settings.

Clearbit for AppExchange February 2020 Release Notes (v12.1)



Enterprise-grade Scheduling

Don't want to enrich your entire database every 30 days? With version 12.1 you are able to schedule Enrichment for record types on a specific week, day, time, and frequency. This gives admins the control to schedule Enrichment for the last Friday of the month at 5 PM so that your records are refreshed to start the next month.

The time zone is based on the time zone of the machine used to schedule the Enrichment. If I am located in San Francisco when I schedule the Enrichment the job will run in Pacific Time.

If Refresh was disabled in your org Enrichment will not be scheduled.

To schedule Enrichment

  1. Go to Clearbit Settings > Enrichment
  2. Click the dropdown arrow for Account, Contact, or Lead
  3. Select "Schedule" from the dropdown
  4. Select "Custom refresh schedule"
  5. Select the week, day, time, and frequency
  6. Click Save
  7. The Enrichment date will appear next to the dropdown button


Live Enrichment Toggle

Live Enrichment has been moved to the Enrichment settings page.


Tech Categories

The Tech Category tag groups individual technologies (i.e. Tableau, Looker) into single categories (i.e. Business Intelligence) so that you can easily track technologies that your team cares about without needing to manage a list of ever-growing tech tags. The individual tech tags are still available. Tech Categories will be coming to Prospector in a subsequent release.

To setup tech categories

  1. Go to Object Manager in Setup
  2. Select Account and create a new text field called "Tech Categories"
  3. Go to Clearbit Settings > Field Mapping
  4. Set up field mapping from Clearbit's Tech Category field to the parent field.
  5. Repeat 1-4 for Contact and Lead


Lightning Components

In version 12.0 we released the first four Clearbit Lightning components. As promised, we have upgraded all customers using Clearbit's Visual Force widget in Salesforce Classic to the new, more powerful Lightning Widget. Customers may continue using Classic while getting all the benefits of Clearbit's Lightning Widget.

Now that the Visual Force widget has been replaced by the Lightning Component, Enrichment will not be triggered by viewing a record. Enrichment will still be triggered on the creation or edit of a record.


Additional improvements

  • A Clearbit Lightning component installation step was added to the on-boarding wizard.
  • Three Clearbit Lightning Record pages have been added to the Lightning App Builder for easy set up of the Clearbit components.

Clearbit for AppExchange Winter Release Notes (v12.0)



Lightning Components

Version 12.0 provides you with Clearbit's first Lightning Components. With an efficient, modern design, our Lightning Components provide value in a number of ways on Account, Contact, and Lead pages. Clearbit Enrichment and Prospector components can be used side-by-side for quickly evaluating and researching leads while finding additional points of contact to increase the likelihood of winning your deal.

Add Clearbit Lightning Components to your org with our step-by-step setup guide. Important to note that the new components are only available for Lightning in v12.0. We will add new VF pages with the components in the future.


  • Four standalone components that can live anywhere on record pages; Clearbit Widget, Clearbit Enrichment, Clearbit Prospector, and Clearbit News
  • Improved Company and Person data categorization and hierarchy
  • Location and subrole filters for Prospector widget tab and standalone component
  • New, streamlined design for the Prospector widget tab and standalone component for faster prospecting


Field Level Data Flagging

To ensure Clearbit's data is meeting your needs we're introducing in-line and bulk data flagging on the Clearbit Enrichment and Clearbit Widget components. Simply hover over a field that you believe is incorrect and click the flag icon to suggest the correct value or just report that the data does not look right. You can flag multiple fields at once and flag fields that are missing data you need by clicking the link at the top of the components.


  • In-line data flagging
  • Bulk data flagging
  • Ability to flag any field that is missing data through the bulk flagging interface


Live Enrichment Toggle

Live Enrichment, triggered on creation, edit, and view (Classic only), has been decoupled from Backfill Enrichment. Two toggles are now available in Clearbit Settings under the Field Mapping tab. This allows you to test new packages and Field Mappings using Backfill without triggering Enrichment on create, edit, and view.



Prospector Credit Allocation

Sales teams differ in the need for lead sourcing. Admins can now allocate credits to specific users, giving organizations much more governance over how credits are spent. For example, your SDR team may need unlimited credits whereas Account Executives only need a handful for the entire year.

Important to know

  • By default, all users with Prospector enabled do not have a limit which is how Prospector behaved before version 12.0.
  • Credits are allocated per year for your org and users.
  • You can search by name, email, and profile, even though profile is not visible in the table
  • Credits users = how many records a user has created
  • Credits remaining = how many records a user can create before running out
  • Credit quota = the number of credits allocated by an admin
  • At the top of the table, your org's total remaining credits are displayed


Additional improvements

  • The user permissions table has been added to the on-boarding wizard for new customers so that permissions can be defined before completing the installation.
  • Improved error handling

Clearbit for AppExchange Autumn Release Notes (v 11.100)

Clearbit 11.100 brings a handful of product and performance improvements to your integration. Some new features will require support from your CSM to enable. 



LinkedIn URL field

  • Person LinkedIn URL can now be mapped to leads and contacts. 

Tech tag whitelist

  • Our list of tracked technologies is always growing. To support the growing list, technologies can now be whitelisted and mapped.
  • To have technologies added to your whitelist contact your CSM and grant them ISV access. When Clearbit enriches a company record we will look for whitelisted tech tags and return them when detected. Here's an example of whitelisted tags passed to the parent record.
  • Whitelisting is not required. If no technologies have been whitelisted your tech tags will continue functioning as normal.

Free email provider opt-out

  • A Custom Setting has been added to bypass Enrichment for people with email domains from free email providers. The free email provider opt-out is located in Custom Settings and can only be enabled by a member of the Clearbit team with ISV access.


Prospector Widget Account Selection

  • Leads and contacts created from the Prospector widget will now be linked to the account on the current page. Previously leads and contacts created from the widget were added to the most recently created account with a matching domain. This caused issues when multiple accounts shared the same domain.

Additional improvements

  • Added NPS to the Clearbit widget and Prospector app so your team can provide feedback on Clearbit for Salesforce.
  • Clearbit Workbench
    • Added "last modified by user" to Record lookup results below
    • Automatically display Enrichment test results in the debug log table
  • The Clearbit "Name" field is now limited to 80 characters, Salesforce's max length for the "Name" field.
  • Fixed duplicate Prospector results that appear when searching for company domains with "www."

Clearbit for AppExchange Summer Release Notes (v 11.98)

Clearbit Summer Release

Whether it’s through leveraging new data attributes to identify exactly which prospects to reach out to or creating new workflows that enable you to prospect faster, our summer release delivers on this. Check out what we’ve built to see how growing sales teams can leverage our integration to get more out of Salesforce.



Ultimate parent

  • We will now enrich the Ultimate parent from companies owned by larger conglomerates so you can set up and ensure leads are correctly routed to the right rep. To use ultimate parent, create a new ultimate parent field for accounts, contacts, and leads then pass the "Company Ultimate Parent Domain" through using Field Mapping in the Clearbit Settings. Learn more on our blog.
  • Important note: ultimate parent is only displayed, we do not create/update any contact or lead linkages to accounts. You can decide how best to use this data.

Enrichment errors are now easier to decipher 

  • We have implemented a new error framework that clearly states which records are having issues and identifies the problems that need to be solved. This will make it easier to resolve Enrichment errors. You can find the errors with the Record Lookup component on Clearbit Workbench and on Clearbit records.

Refresh and Backfill improvements

  • Refresh and Backfill are now decoupled. Enabling refresh will no longer automatically kick off a backfill.



Prospector search updates

  • Person location search: Many of the most valuable prospects work at companies (Google, Facebook, Amazon) outside of HQ. Find prospects at the correct location to expand deals across a company's teams.
  • Subroles: Reps can now search for prospects using 94 roles and subroles, which allows for more granular targeting. Finding the right lead faster allows reps to spend more time selling and less time searching.
  • Multiple title searches: The ability to search for multiple titles at once improves the speed with which reps can create leads without having to search for a new title every time.
  • The Recent Website Visits search criteria for companies will no longer appear if you do not have a Reveal subscription.

Saved searches

  • Enter the attributes for your ICP, review the results then save the search for on-going prospecting. Saved searches will only be available for Company search in this release.

Prospector credit allocation

You can now distribute different amounts of Prospector credits across your org's users. To adjust the number of credits for a user:

  • Go to Custom Settings in Setup
  • Click Manage for the Clearbit User Settings
  • Click Edit next to the user you'd like to set credits for
  • In the field for Prospector Credits Allocated enter the number of credits the user can spend
  • Important note: by default every user with Prospector enabled does not have a limit to the credits they can use. 

Additional improvements

  • We've added 41 new tech tags
  • Upgrade to the new Clearbit Lightning Widget Page
    • An alert will now appear on the deprecated visual force widget. Your admin will need to update the Page Layout for account, contact, and lead to the new Clearbit Lightning Widget Page.
  • Clearbit Workbench
    • We've added four new Lightning components to quickly troubleshoot the most common integration issues.
      • Org overview
      • User lookup
      • Record lookup with Enrichment status
      • Testing tools and debug logs
  • You can now find your Clearbit API key by clicking the org name on the Account page in Clearbit Settings

Clearbit for AppExchange v 11.97.11 Patch Release Notes

Refactored incorrect 901 errors

Removed code that set Clearbit records to 901 if one of the 4 criteria below were met on Widget load:

  • Enrichment was turned off
  • User did not have Edit permissions to the parent object
  • The parent record was blacklisted
  • The User is in the Lightning UI (instead of Classic)

Limit Refresh Batches

Limit consecutive cbt_RefreshBatch instances to 10. This will prevent the class from re-scheduling itself recursively ad-infinitum during Backfills and during the nightly partial refresh.

Refactor user management table

Moved all User Table JS data methods to Apex instead of JSForce. This eliminates errors Admin users were seeing when trying to load the user management table.

Clearbit for AppExchange v 11.97.9 Patch Release Notes

Allow users without update / create permissions on Accounts to create records with Prospector.


  1. Create test user without update / create permissions on Accounts.
  2. Go to Widget
  3. Create Contact for an Account that exists
  4. Confirm Contact is successfully created
  5. Create Contact via Prospector app for Account that does not exist → displays error message

Clearbit for AppExchange v 11.97 Release Notes

Enhanced user permissions

Managing user permissions is now easier. Take care of access to Clearbit for your whole team in one place. Select which sales reps can use Clearbit Prospector or enable permission sets for new team members. Head to "Account" in Clearbit Settings to check it out.


  • Granular control over user settings: Quickly manage permission sets and product access. Filter lists and perform bulk changes.
  • Team-wide licenses: With sitewide licenses, all users in an org will receive a Clearbit license, and you can auto-provision new Salesforce Users. Keep in mind, only users who are `active` will be able to access Clearbit.
  • Enrichment and Prospector permissions: Grant or remove access to specific tools to control which users can enrich records and/or prospect new records.

You'll also see:

  • Field mapping change report at the bottom of the Field Mapping page in Clearbit Settings. The report shows what fields were changed, the values before and after the change, when the change occurred, and which user made the change.
  • UtcOffset company-level attribute to contact Accounts at the right time.
  • A new enrichment error report, available from the Analytics tab. Resolve the errors and run a backfill to enrich records.  

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved Enrichment issue with bulk uploads of leads
  • Resolved issue where Prospector created duplicate accounts


  • Nightly incremental backfill for records that have a valid email or website but were not initially enriched
  • Improved data type error messaging for field mapping
  • A confirmation is now displayed when a field mapping override is set to "Always"
  • Added support access instructions to on-boarding wizard for improved support during implementation

Clearbit for AppExchange v 11.95 Release Notes


Add Prospector tab onto Enrichment widget (leads & contact level)

Find more relevant prospects right where you are in Salesforce. Prospector is now in the Clearbit widget on both Leads and Contacts. (It used to only show up in the widget on Accounts).

When you're looking at a Contact or Lead, it's easy to find the ideal person at that same company — like when you're viewing a marketer at Acme Co. but you actually need the name and email for Acme's Head of Sales.



Field mapping labels

Destination fields now display the exact field name and the corresponding record for easier mapping.


Learn how to set up Field Mapping to map any Clearbit attribute to a field in Salesforce quickly.

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Resolved SFDC Field Mapping for Employee Count
  • Fixed CB SIC code not mapping to SFDC sic code


  • Added report for missing data in Analytics charts
  • Added save button to API key field on auth settings screen
  • Removed person avatar default field mapping

Clearbit for AppExchange v 11.93 Release Notes


Control over field mapping

Our new field mapping tool makes mapping any Clearbit attribute to standard or custom fields on Accounts, Leads, or Contacts easy. You no longer have to depend on complex Process Builder workflows to have control over data mapping.

Head to your Clearbit Settings to get started. Learn more in our Field Mapping Guide. 

Daily job change data

We're now doing daily updates for our inactiveAt field (a timestamp for when a Lead or Contact has left a position) so you know to source a new Contact for an Account or follow your champion onto their next adventure.

If you haven't yet mapped over the inactiveAt field to your Salesforce lead records, use our field mapping tool. You can also set up Job Change Alerts for your team.

Introducing Clearbit's usage analytics

With our new Analytics dashboard, pull insights on the overall usage and health of your database based on Enrichment and Reveal statistics. Pre-built reports surface the stale Leads and Contacts that are blocking your team and show you a live view of the target Accounts that are browsing your site.

Prospect using first-party Salesforce data

We added a Salesforce Data filter so you can prospect within your business’s unique context. Build a list of companies and narrow your search by the Accounts or Opportunities that you own.


Search by name or title
Use the name or title search box for a more detailed person search. We’ll return exact matches, so you can search for that last name for Ann from Acme Company or everyone with “SVP Engineering” in their job title.


Saved Searches

You can now save your search criteria to reuse for future searches. (To reset, click reset and then click save.) Saved searches are unique per user.

Clearbit Widget on Accounts/Contacts/Leads

Keep up with the latest company news

The News tab in the Clearbit Account widget lets you know all the latest company happenings before your important call.


Check the Clearbit Status Widget

Know that the data you’re using is reliable with the Clearbit Status Widget, which sits on the Lead and Contact layout. It tells you exactly when the record was last refreshed and whether the email address is working or inactive.Screen_Shot_2022-04-04_at_7.00.54_PM.png

To set up the Clearbit Status Widget, open up a Lead or Contact. Click on Edit Layout. Find Visualforce Pages and drag the Clearbit Status Widget.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed Prospector’s sort filter when you search for companies by domains
  • Fix Company Industry Group label for source in Field Mapping
  • Regulate the amount of AsyncApex jobs used for Enrichment
  • Resolved issues with Clearbit scheduled jobs


  • Stability improvements have been made for Prospector
  • Updated our Tech Tags
  • Export to CSV in Lightning no longer gives an error for users with certain browser settings.
  • Improved deduping logic in Company/Person lists
  • You can now add Lead Source to Contacts created in Prospector and the Clearbit widget
  • Overhaul Backfill page to allow independent object backfills
  • Ability to enrich tracked fields (fields that have values previously written by Clearbit)
  • New Clearbit reports included in the package

Clearbit for AppExchange V 11.56 Release Notes

Reveal Page View data
Want to track the frequency your named accounts are browsing your site?  In addition to tracking daily site views from your named accounts, you can now configure up to 10 paths to gather hourly traffic data. This allows you to build notification and processes that enable your Sales, Marketing, and Ops teams.